Saturday, 21 July 2007

Is The Balance Right ?

For the whole of past week the topic in media was Thoppigala victory and the celebrations following the event. Government made a big show of the event for their political gain , to be fair to the government I don't think any other party would have done the same if they were in power. One of the major reasons the government staged a such a massive rally is the poor state of the economy. The only strong point in this government is its handling of the war, price of almost everything is sky high and it keeps going up. The huge number of ministers in the government has come under heavy criticism and the government is having a hard time covering their costs. Government also got a major setback because of the reluctance of donor countries to provide aid for the rebuilding of Eastern province citing violations of human rights. Now the government is trying to take a huge loan from the international community , for which the details were not very clear. There is a limit to the amount of loans we can take , and when we take loans we become dependent on other countries and somewhat bend according to their needs. So it is critical that the government give due consideration to the economy before its too late.