Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Sri Lanka chosen as the second best travel destination by National Geographic Channel

Tourism in Sri Lanka got a tremendous boost when National Geographic channel names it as the second best place to visit in the world. This was a great point to mention in my squidoo lens about visiting Sri Lanka. The great thing is there are some expert opinion about why you should choose Sri Lanka and of course there is the mention of beautiful white beaches and wildlife sanctuaries. Check out the below link for the video.

Randiv Affair and the pussies at SLC

As expected Indian media blew the whole Randiv affair out of proportions. In a country when media themselves organize burning of effigies to get publicity this is understandable but what wasn't understandable was the reaction by Sri Lanka Cricket. For a simple no ball they appointed a committee and did a full investigation and found Randiv and Dilshan guilty. This has nothing to do with upholding the spirit of Cricket it was all about protecting the goodwill between BCCI who happens to be just about only source of income SLC has.This will create a odd situation for Dilshan though because he is a member of Delhi Daredevils which Shewag plays for. Because the incident is much publicized I'm sure the media will do something to remind us of this unique situation in DD as well. I hope Dilshan will be in the opening line up whenever DD plays next because that is just another story waiting to be sensationalized by the media.

The Expendables pretty much as expected

The Expendables was an ok movie although I have no idea how it got an imdb rating of 7.5 when some great movies such as "The Notebook" only has an imdb rating of 8. This was a typical Stallone flick with lots of shooting, cutting and blowing up and nothing else. Although there is a big crew involved in the movie only Stallone and Statham and to some extent Jet-Li plays any significant role. I really couldn't understand the role played by Mickey Rourke although he does tell a long boring story to Stallone. As mentioned before there is not much substance in the story and you never really get attached with any character to give a damn about what happens to them. Anything that could be blown up is blown to pieces and as any Stallone flick there are lots of dead bodies. Only good thing I can think of in the movie is Jason Stathoms acting. The movie is watchable just don't expect a classic with this crew.

Friday, 6 August 2010

Ricky having a terrible time at the moment

Ricky our pet is having a terrible time these days,his smelly dog ears are getting a bit irritating and because of constant scratching there some wounds as well. All the symptoms point to yeast infection so hopefully some natural treatments will make this go away. With the prize of veterinarians these days it costs a small fortune to get your dog checked :-(

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

The Last Air Bender - one big screw up

I'm haven't seeing the Avatar cartoon so I thought it wouldn't be that bad for me unlike the people who are fans of the cartoon but it was a big disappointment. There is nothing in the movie I can think of that is worth appreciating, the acting was not that great to say the least, directing was awful with actors always looking a bit lost with what to do and the story line was going too fast for my liking. There was no character build up or anything like that making it one of the most boring movies I have watched.