Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Peiris or Pieris

I hope you can notice the subtle difference of words in the title.While writing an article about the popular television actress Nehara I was in dilemma about her surname. Is it Nehara Pieris or Nehara Peiris. For people who are wondering what difference this would make, this would make a big difference when it comes to search engine ranking. This is somewhat common problem faced by Internet marketers because of English way of spelling and the American way of spelling. Jewelery vs Jewelry is a good example and there are quite a few other examples. Although the spelling of surnames doesn't come into that category it is somewhat a similar problem. What do you think the correct spelling is ?

Monday, 24 January 2011

Affiliate program for selling music and songs in Sri Lanka

Recently I wrote an article about Daddy, Sri Lanka Band. The most obvious way to make money from this article is to sell songs of Daddy within the article. I looked for them in iTunes but couldn't find there songs listed there. Out of curiosity I looked for other Sri Lankan songs and could find only one or two listed in iTunes. This is a great market to explore for Sri Lankan artists and it doesn't take much to register and get listed there as well.