Friday, 30 May 2008

Sports Day Around the Corner

Well its the sports day of our office on the coming Sunday.With the company growing to around 700 Employees we are having very few events for the whole company,Annual IFS night and the sports day being the only two occasions where the whole company get together.The sports day is held after 3 years and unfortunately participation isn't that high.There are four teams and surprisingly I'm the leader of one :).
Well its not something that I was hoping for but somehow or the other I became the leader.Luckily I got a great team to co-ordinate with other so the things should go according to plan.With 150 in a group I guess its a bit surprising that it was hard to find 7 gals for netball , I guess sports isn't a girl thing. Other than finding girls everything seems to be going fine so and the draw for events were also a bit favorable for our team.With a bit of luck we could be the champions :).
Tomorrow we are preparing the decorations for the tents and finalizing the details of the Mascot , One of our group members Shifana did a great job of creating the Mascot so we might win the Mascot event as well.

Thursday, 29 May 2008

IPL is giving me headaches

I'm sure most of you are watching IPL , but aren't you all a bit confused about who to support ? When its Mumbai Indians vs most other teams I support Mumbai Indians because Sanath is on there side.Same when Murali is playing for Super Kings and when Sanga and Mahela play for Kings XI. Problem comes when Mumbai plays against Punjab or something similar like Chennai super kings against Punjab. Finally I decided I will support Kings XI punjab. They got two Sri Lankan players , has a great batting line up , a more than decent bowling line up , fields very well and best of all they got Preity Zinta :) , Thats one cheer leader you can't find everywhere in the world.