Monday, 25 January 2010

The Party Mentality

Tomorrow is the the election and judging by people's reaction nobody is sure who will become the president. Although there are some people who have not yet decided upon who to vote I think most have made up there minds long ago. The sad thing is people tend to support parties more than anything. So whatever said and done very few really change there minds. There are already allegations of that this will be one of the most corrupt elections ever which is a sign that the government is not so sure about themselves. Hopefully the election will be without violence but I highly doubt it.

Monday, 18 January 2010

Presidential Election hotting up

Presidential election is getting closer and with it the increase in campaigns and violence. When a election become tightly contested there usually is an increase in violence. I usually tend to avoid elections simple because I have no interest in the politicians and politics in general , but with so much hype around this one it is hard not to be part of it even if you try. Whether its a funeral , wedding or just a small tea break it is the main point of discussion. You simply can't avoid hearing about it. When your not interested about it you can generally have fun hearing different versions of the same story. In the precious little time I do hang around people I have made the following observations.
  • No one is certain who will win the election , Almost everyone can come up with stats and numbers showing there candidate will win
  • Real heroes of the war are well and truly forgotten , with due respect to MR's political leadership and SF's military leadership , winning the war wouldn't have being possible without the soldiers who sacrificed there lives in the front line.
  • Almost everyone accepts the fact that the government officials are corrupt , while SF wants power to end this corruption he still hasn't answered the corruption allegations made against him. It is generally accepted among both parties that corruption will prevail as long as there are politicians.
  • People support parties more than policies , most have already made up there mind who to vote and nothing said and done will change that.
  • Almost EVERYONE wants a change and almost EVERYONE knows that it will not happen , and all this allegations will go away as soon as the elections are over.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Sweet deal with Bluefur over

My sweet hosting plan with Bluefur has apparently run out. My make money blogging blog was hosted with Bluefur and it was 10$ per year which is less than a dollar per month. It was a Christmas promotion they did and it sure was a sweet deal. Well the promotion period is over and I'm switching back to a normal plan. I missed the mail asking me to renew so my main blog is not accessible now but hopefully it will be up soon :-) .