Monday, 8 March 2010

Josa Paradai,Peta Victory

Well it took 32 years but we won the battle of the saints and to cap things off we won the 50 over encounter last Saturday. Because of the big match win it was very hard to get ticked for the 50 over game and Oval was not large enough to support such a huge crowd. As we do every year this year also the 2002 A/L batch organized a package. The T-shirt printed for the occasion was very nice but 2k was a bit too much for the whole things , but I don't think people care that much since they get to meet after a long time.
There was a huge parade before the start to celebrate the big match victory. The parade was a great example of the power of Facebook , it started as a FB event with only few entries and all of a sudden it took off. There were more than 50 vehicles for the parade and it was a great site to see all those Peter's flags waving.
As usual it was great to see friends from school days. 50 over is almost the only time we ever get to meet nowadays which is why I hate to miss it and why I was so sad after missing it last time. There were trouble to get into the stands and because Oval was such a small ground there is always going to be crowd trouble. It was amusing to see some old guys trying to clear the people in the boundary line so they can watch the match in a relaxing manner. I felt sorry for them but unfortunately most just come to have some fun , watching the match is secondary.
The greatest moment of the day was when we hit the winning runs , the crowd ran into the ground waving the college flags and it was a moment to behold. The sheer joy of it cannot be explained. All in all had a great time and hopefully we can repeat this next year :-)

Friday, 5 March 2010

General Election Coming Up

As usual in Sri Lanka as soon as the presidential election is over the general election is coming up. It is very amusing to watch people who supported each other in the presidential election now going up against each other. It is really funny to see UNP candidates having a go at the JVP. I think this general election will spell doom for JVP and they have wisely teamed up with General Sarath Fonseka. It is really sad to see the current state of the such a heroic figure. It just goes to show how downright dirty our politics and politicians really are. Government is giving there best to get 2/3 in the parliment so they can change the constitution and by looking at the way current there using the power now I really don't feel like giving them 2/3 in the parliment.
I think one of the main reasons it is hard to develop this country is this constant power struggle. From morning to night the opposition is looking for ways to topple the government so goverment have to be constantly be on the lookout for such a coup. If the politicians focus 10% of that energy to develop this country this will be a much better place to live. I can't forsee this happening in the near future and that is the most sadest thing of them all.