Wednesday, 10 October 2007

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The last article in the blog , SLIIT wins another award at NBQSA attracted a lot of attention. Got more than 200 visits in the last two days and had 10 comments for that post , which is the highest for this blog. Sad part is only 5 people voted in the poll ( Firefox is still leading :) ) and only 5 subscribed to the the RSS feed even after I put a big box asking them to subscribe. So I thought I'll give some details about RSS and hopefully more readers will subscribe to the feed.
RSS stands for Real Simple Syndication. It uses XML which is a markup language like HTML.If you really want to know more details about RSS you can read it here. You need a RSS reader like Google reader to subscribe to the RSS feed. The great thing about RSS is that News comes to you , so you don't have to waste time looking for news from your favorite sites. This video gives a great description of advantages of RSS.So why don't you let me send the news to you. Enter your e-mail in the big box below.

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Sunday, 7 October 2007

SLIIT wins another award for best use of Microsoft technologies in NBQSA

I guess when good news comes they tend to come in a heap , If you were following this blog you should know that SLIIT won both the gold and the silver awards for student projects in NBQSA. This alone was a great achievement for SLIIT , But the Tripwire project which won the gold medal won another award for the best use of Microsoft Technologies. If you guys are tired of hearing the good news I'm sorry to disappoint you since theres more good news. The Tripwire project was nominated to represent Sri Lanka in Asia Pacific ICT awards ( APICTA ) to be held in Singapore. Normally BCS - Sri Lanka section only nominates one project to participate in APICTA for a certain category , but one of the judges who were in the panel that decided the winners were also impressed of the project that won the silver medal. So he has come forward to sponsor the silver medal team to go to APICTA, so both teams from SLIIT are going to APICTA. Thats enough of good news for now and lets wish both the groups from SLIIT all the best in APICTA.

Update - there are already three comments and only one vote after this post.Please be kind enough to vote for your favorite browser in the poll. Anyway my favorite browser is in the lead.

Update - Don't get scared of the box asking you to subscribe. If you subscribe once I updates the blog you will receive a mail saying that updated the blog. I update this about once in three days so you'll receive a mail once in three days. So subscribe and let the news come to you.

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Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Sri Lankans making money from the internet ?

If you have being browsing the net long enough I sure you have gotten some email or you have come across an advertisement that says you can make tons of money from the internet. Most of these are referral systems that are build like a pyramid , where the people at the top get most of the money and people at the bottom levels get a scratch. All those examples they provide are from the top level people who have being lucky enough to enroll first. And most of them requires you to pay some amount to startup so you might end up losing your money as well. There are some ways that you can make some money without spending a cent , most common of them is the paid e-mail ads , but they tend to have a history of not paying on time. And they pay you around 2 cents per e-mail making it bit difficult to get to their payoff mark quickly. One such site that I have used is Hits4Pay , which doesn't overload you with e-mails but sends just enough for a decent payment and also they give a 10$ sign up bonus making that first check come that much quicker. Another site is HTMail which pays you more but doesn't send that much mails. One of the reasons your not getting many of these mails is that most of them are targeting the US consumer base , which is growing rapidly. So it's going to be a bit difficult to make some money just by reading mails. Those are two sites that I have found to be reliable and has good user reviews, Let me know if you know a site that has done well for you , more money making opportunities to follow.