Saturday, 24 October 2009

Blogging from the airport

At the airport now and have some time to kill , so was looking for some thing to do and found a free Internet booth. The check in process went smoothly , the guy at the counter knew some of my friends at IFS so didn't have much trouble getting in and he helped me out as well. The place is almost deserted , I wasn't expecting huge crowd but I surely expected more than this , already missing people back home , but at least I'm traveling with two others which is a comfort. If all goes well I'll be going to Linkoping railway station by mid day tomorrow. Mom has packed plenty of winter clothes and don't know whether I'll be really needing them , better safe than sorry I guess , there will be a transit in Doha , maybe they also have free Internet access :)

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Shopping for winter clothes in House of Fashion

With the visit to Sweden getting close I suddenly realized that I haven't actually brought winter clothes. I tend to do things much better when they are done at the last moment. So put aside everything and went to House of Fashion to buy some winter clothing. Lucking there was a list of things to buy so you don't have to worry much about figuring out what to buy. It has all the kinds of clothes you hope to buy so didn't have trouble buying everything from there. The best thing was it was relatively cheap as well , I was hoping that it would cost me around 20k to buy all the stuff in the list but I managed to do it in around 12k , that is after buying some T-shirts and shorts for my brother as well. This is my first time going out from Sri Lanka so I'm exited about it but at the same time I'm a bit nervous as well. One good thing is my Manager in Sweden seems to be readying everything for me from mobile phones to bus passes. Well just two more days to go :-)

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Getting fed up with questionnaires

Being in a software company with a huge staff I usually get a questionnaire once every two weeks or so. I don't mind answering a questionnaire especially if its relevant to myself but some people just doesn't know how to prepare a well planned questionnaire. Its either too long or printed in dark bold so you have a hard time looking at it let alone filling it. There are plenty of guides on how to prepare a questionnaire and if you want a good response to your questionnaire then at least follow some steps mentioned in them.

Getting a passport in Sri Lanka-its easier than you think

I got a sudden opportunity to go to Sweden and I had to get the passport in a hurry. With all the horror stories about inefficient government service I went to the Department of Immigration and emigration with a bit of worry about the time I will waste. Instead I found the system at the passport office to be very efficient. First of all there are direction signs all over the place to guide you where you want to go. There are people at most entrances to guide you to the specific counter and there is a ticket system to efficiently manage the issuing of passports.My form is looked at in about 1o minutes everything was approved and I was told to come around 4.00 PM. I went back there around 4.10 PM and it was ready. All in all I must have spend around 20 minutes inside the office to get the passport which is pretty efficient for me. If you have your documents in order getting a passport is very easy and definitely very efficient.

Monday, 19 October 2009

Don't be lazy if you want to make money online

When people look to earn money on Internet in Sri Lanka they usually tend to take the easy way which is almost guaranteed to fail. I have mentioned many times that reading e-mails and registering for paid to click sites is not a good way to make money online , those methods are not passive income and you have to work hard everyday to keep the money coming and you can never go past a certain level of income. But still I get sign ups under me for Hits4Pay which was a bit surprising for me since I don't promote it anywhere. That is when I discovered that I was promoting it in my Make Money Online page in my blog. I have recommended so many other resources but somehow people manage to find the link to reading e-mails for money. I suppose its something to do with familiarity , people understand reading e-mail , but they don't understand key word research , SEO and stuff that really make money. I do feel sorry about them and if you are looking to make some real money then try this course for 1$ , I guarantee you that it is worth it.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Almost Forgot weebly

I really can't remember the reason I created a Weebly account , the most obvious reason I can think of is to get some back links. I remembered it again when I saw it in my old FireFox book marks. So after some trial and error I finally managed to find the user name and the password to my account. I have created two web sites using the service and my suspicion was correct , it was created to get some back links :) , it has the ability to add RSS feeds etc so could be a good way to get some easy back links. Check out my weebly site about Make Money blogging.

Hunting for Glass dining tables

When you are on the lookout for dining tables one thing you are sure to find very often is round glass dining table. The beveled edge looks so much better in round tables and the round shape is suitable for almost any place. And when you are seated around a round table there is a feeling of you belonging to the group while in a square or a rectangular table you might feed neglected. When you start thinking about it there are all sorts of reasons why round tables are more suited than normal rectangular dining tables. Maybe thats why King Arthur had a round table , so everyone will feel equal :-)

Monday, 5 October 2009

Started Using Twit Sniper

Got a trial offer to try out Twit Sniper , which is much more enhanced version of Twitter Snipe. By the looks of things this is definitely a much better product with mass direct message and scheduled tweets. Set up a few niche accounts , automatically build targeted followers using the software and schedule some tweets with affiliate products. Looks very easy to do but in reality harder to execute. Check out the Twit Sniper review if you are interested.