Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Got a fast internet connection at last from Dialog

People from Dialog showed up today and installed the necessary things to access the internet. They promised to install within a week and they did it exctly in a week. This will definitely help in my blogging activities and reduce the time spent in the office as well.Connection is not super fast but you can browse almost any site without a problem. I don't intend to lot of downloads so I think I will get by with this connection.

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Mummy 3 - waste of 250 bucks

Went for a birthday treat last Monday and after having a nice healthy meal from Merry Browns we decided to go watch The Mummy - Tomb of the Dragon Emperor and I was dissapointed with this one , especially after wathching the last two ones. The visual effects were good but not great compared to recent movies , but the battle scene really sucked. There were some funny scenes added to the movie but this one was not in the same league as the rest of the Mummy movies. Atleast there were some A-Level students who made shouted and gave some fun but other than that it was a boring movie. At least I went to watch this with the guys , If I have watched this alone as I watched Kung Fu Panda I'm sure It would have being a forgettable experience.

Monday, 18 August 2008

Sri Lanka Cyber Games sucks for spectators

I went to watch Sri Lanka Cyber Games ( SLCG ) last Saturday and I have to say I was very dissapointed as someone who went there just to watch the games. There were many games going on and although the organizers had three wide screen TV's and a prjector only one game was shown. I came to watch my friends Dota game and instead I was stuck watching Call of Duty which I have no idea about. Finally a kind organizer let us into the gaming room to watch the final moments of the game but by that time the game was good as over.What really surprized me was that when asked about why they are not showing the other games in the wide screen TV's the answer they gave me is that they forgot to bring the cables.That seems a pretty lame excuse especially since this was the second day of the games. I guess the gamers had a good time and hopefully problems like this will be resolved in the future events.At least they have shared the replays in the official site , but the problem is you have to search through the forum to find them. A specific place in the site would have being nice :)

Friday, 15 August 2008

Watching Kung Fu Panda Alone

Yesterday was the last day Kung Fu Panda was screening in MC and I decided to put a half day leave and go watch it. It turned out to be a wise move because the 7PM show was fully booked.Until about 7PM yesterday this was not how it was supposed to be. The plan was to meet the GF at 9 in Kolptty , Have breakfast , Go watch Kung Fu Panda , Have lunch , watch Hancock in Savoy ( I have seeing it but she hasn't watched it yet ) and go home. But all those plans changed , what did I do ? I forgot to inquire my GF why she was late when she didn't send the usual SMS saying she was home :( .
Why girls always picks on those small stuff is a mystery to me , For my sake I hope not all girls are like that , In any case the relationship doesn't seem to work , Things that seems trivial to me is a big deal for her and more often than not it lead to confustion and dissapointment. I still love her but I guess you need more than love to keep a relationship going :-) .
Watching movies alone is never enjoyable and even more so when your in a bad mood , but since this was the last day I had no choice so I went to watch it yesterday. I'm no expert on graphice but I have to say the graphics in this movie were great. The story line was kind of predictable but it had enough funny scenes to make me laugh and enjoy the movie. So its fair to say I walked out of the cinema in a fairly good mood. And it got that much better when I found that computer guy had brought the new PC to our house. Guess its not such a bad day after all :-)

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

IFS confirmation treat

Well finally we gave our confirmation treat , We have being in IFS for four and a half years but the first four years were spent as trainee students , so we only got our permanent employee status at the begining of this year. The treat was a grand affair , around 600 people were invited to the event and by the end of it the hands were aching from all the handshakes. Since we were there for around four years every one was expecting a grand treat so we decided to give a big Mac , Cornetto and drinks.
Sukitha was in charge of organizing and he did a good job organizing it. Guess he learned a lot from managing us in the last year project :) . In the end there were some left overs and I think I had two big Macs and around four Cornettos.
I guess one person that I would have liked to come for the treat is my former PM Chintha , she migrated to Australia and she was very helpful and understanding when I first started here at IFS