Thursday, 20 May 2010

When will we be able to receive money from PayPal

For a long time Sri Lankan PayPal accounts were not able to receive money. It seems that PayPal don't mind sending money from Sri Lanka but they don't want to receive money from Sri Lanka. In one of my blog posts about how to receive money for PayPal send only accounts I talked about a workaround for this problem but there is only so much you can do with an unverified account. You cant set up a business , there are sending limits etc. As long as you are only receiving money it will be alright but then again you can't do business , especially an online business without paying online.
Although we have hundreds of ministries in Sri Lanka I couldn't think of a ministry that can handle this type of situation. Maybe its something that is got to do with telecommunication. However if the government got involved then there might be a possibility of this happening. Maybe we online marketers should do something about this or we could consider alternative solution to PayPal. Problem is most online companies are only using PayPal :-( .

Friday, 14 May 2010

Sanath please go

It was sad to see such a great player , one who has done so much for the cricket in Sri Lanka failing so badly in the T20 world cup in West Indies. The reality is Sanath is just not good enough , his reflexes have slowed down and facing good fast bowling is a nightmare for him. With all this drawbacks it was foolish to keep playing him but the common view is that Sangakkara doesn't have the authority to drop him. Sanga almost resigned when Sanath was chosen to go for the T20 world cup so it is obvious Sanga doesn't want him there. The sad thing is that it effects the morale and the unity of the team. None of the want them there but no one can do anything about that. It is never too late for Sanath who was one of the greatest servants of Sri Lankan cricket to leave the field head held high , Sanath I hope you leave instead of dragging something down that you worked so hard to build

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Search Engine Optimization in Sri Lanka

Recently I wrote an article about search engine optimization in Sri Lanka. I was prompted to write this because one of my friends were charged a hefty peace for some consultation. In reality the did some basic on site SEO and they didn't even mention about the link building part that is needed for ranking higher in search engines. As in most places few shady companies are giving a bad impression about SEO companies here in Sri Lanka. The reality is basic SEO are not that hard to master , but fine tuning your website and link building is the somewhat harder part. But for established companies here in Sri Lanka it is not that important to go for high end SEO solutions.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Writing Hubs about Sri Lanka

The income from Hubpages is slowly on the rise and the hubs that seems to perform well are the ones mostly related to Sri Lanka. I have put up some hubs about some places I visited in Sri Lanka and they seem to be getting lot of attention. The hub about Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage and Gods Paradise nature resort already got some comments which goes to show that people are searching for them. By far the one that seems to be performing well is the hub about Cinnamon lodge hotel in Habarana. If I keep up this rate I see hubpages becoming a very steady earner in the future.