Saturday, 31 July 2010

Central highlands added as the eighth world heritage site in Sri Lanka

UNESCO has declared Central highlands of Sri Lanka as a world heritage site thus increasing the count of world heritage sites in Sri Lanka to eight. The Central highlands included the Peak wilderness wildlife sanctuary, Horton plains national park and Knuckles conservation forest. All these were in the UNESCO tentative list and are categorized as cloud forests. They are also home to some of the endangered species and a extraordinary range of floras and faunas.

Friday, 30 July 2010

Life without Murali

The second test at the SSC gave a glimpse at what it would be like to play test cricket without Murali. Admittedly the pitch was a very flat one and even great Murali might have struggled to pick a wicket but he was sorely missed by Sangakkara. Things could have being a bit different if Prasanna Jayawardena hold on to the catch given by Tendulkar but the opportunity was missed and the little master capitalized. One thing that Sri Lankans could be happy about is that they created some opportunities and generally created few more chances than the Indian bowlers. I hope Lasith Malinga plays the third test because otherwise the fast bowling also looks a bit bleak. You need Malinga's variety and extra pace in a flat wicket like this. Dilhara Fernando was a big disappointment with spraying the ball all over the place sometimes, In flat pitches like these you need to be patient and able to bowl a good line and length and tie the batsmen down which he clearly failed to do. Hope for a better showing in the third test and a much more sporty pitch.

Finding Data Entry Jobs

Since some of my articles rank well for Data Entry job in Sri Lanka I used to get lots of comments and mails inquiring about data entry or any internet job in Sri Lanka. Some have even forwarded there resume to me for reference. Since I don't have data entry jobs to give out I was looking for a place where I can direct people to get a data entry job. Although there are quite a few data entry job opportunities out there most of them require you to pay some amount. Finding a free but reliable data entry job is a problem. In my latest article about Data Entry jobs in Sri Lanka I addressed that issue to an extent. read it to find some sources where you can find jobs for free.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Online businesses in Sri Lanka are growing

In the last few days I got a fee emails about the Geegain advertising program. Some were just inquiring what it is all about while some were spam mails asking me to join through there links. Curiosity got the better of me so I decided to check out the program and what is all about. Check out my Geegain advertising program review if you want to learn more about the program but what interested me was that it was owned by Sri Lankans. Well I cant say for sure it is owned by a Sri Lankan because there was not much information but the contact details and addresses were all Sri Lankan. This is another indication that online businesses in Sri Lanka and growing and more and more people are getting involved in online activities.

Travel industry is growing and oppurtunities for everyone

With the end of the war then number of tourists coming to Sri Lanka has increased dramatically. It is not surprising since Sri Lanka already had all the things a tourist can possible hope for but the only hindrance being the war. With the growth of travel industry opportunities have come up for more people and this is not only for people in travel industry. I have started writing some articles about travel tips and places of interest in Sri Lanka and they seem to be performing very well. My lens about Must visit places in Sri Lanka it targeted towards tourists and it already performing well in search engines. I wrote a hub pretty much on the same topic titled Must see places in Sri Lanka and it is also doing well in search engines and getting traffic for certain keywords. I'm getting some Adsense clicks from them as well and it could be a good opportunity to make some extra money.I hope the rise in tourism continues for a long while.

Don't get greedy when doing FOREX trading

I'm starting to get more and more questions about FOREX trading in Sri Lanka on my Make money blogging blog. I always refer them to two of the previous posts I have written regarding FOREX trading.But the problem is not many seem to have the patience to spend some time learning the basics of trading. Soon as I send them to babypips training course which is given for free they grumble about how big the course content is. All those things are important because although you can make some good money with FOREX it is easily possible to lose money with it as well. Learn the basics and don't be greedy and you will have success from FOREX.