Tuesday, 16 February 2010

New very simple Theme

Although its nice to have fancy looking themes you should never underestimate the power of simple elegant looking themes so I decided to go for a a new theme. This one I found out through a link in one of my LinkedIn groups. And after testing it out I must say it is pretty impressive. And even if you are not technical person there are clear instructions on how to modify the template to your liking. Although simle looking its packed with great features. You can link to your favorite social profiles , has a navigation panel that is easy to modify and has a four column footer so you can fill it with almost anything. You can find it in this free web templates site , there are few more on offer so you should check them out even if you don't like this one.

Friday, 12 February 2010

Whats the biggest problem in Sri Lanka

Politics bore me and I have no interest in following what is happening in the field of politics. But how much you try you just can't avoid it. So I usually get to hear to same story with different views plenty of times. After listening to them for a while I can only come to one clear conclusion. No one is certain about what is truth and what is false and that seems to be the biggest problem of them all. There doesn't seem to be any unbiased trustworthy media. So everyone is clinging to there own opinions and its hard or almost impossible to change since there are no verified facts. I sometimes wonder whether I'm stupid to ignore the things around me just because they aren't affecting me yet , maybe they will affect me later and I will regret it. So far the political turmoil surrounding this country doesn't seem to affect me and hopefully it will never affect me

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Finally got rid of those annoying folders

For some reason after I installed Microsoft Sql Server there were few folders with hexadecimal name left over. Strangely they were created not in the drive I installed MSS. It wasn't easy to find the solution with lots of different recommendations , some even suggesting you buy some software. But I found a simple solution in , How to remove annoying hexadecimal folders , this stuff works and it want cost you a cent.