Saturday, 20 September 2008

SLIIT Open Day 2008

Went to SLIIT after a long while , SLIIT Open Day was held on 19th and we were going to get some certificates for winning the gold in NBQSA and winning the gold in APICTA which is a good thing because as far as I can remember we didn't get any certificate other than the trophy. As usual lots of stalls from IT companies were there , people seem to like IFS because according Suckitha who was at the IFS stall there were around 300 applications. As you can expect after kicking out around 300 employees Virtuas was not that popular. Since I went to SLIIT got the transcripts as well , it wasn't easy since I had to go first floor , then to ninth floor and then back to first floor. Why can't they keep all of them in one place is a mystery to me. Well they gave us some nice big SLIIT envelopes so can't fault them that much.
The award ceremony started around 4.30 and the chief guest seems to be pretty impressed by the discipline shown by SLIIT students. How he came to that conclusion by just visiting SLIIT for two to three hours is a bit hard to understand but it was nice to see that he was impressed. I think the reason for no unnecessary incidents in SLIIT is people come here after paying.After completing the diploma they usually find a job so they simply don't have time to get involved in incidents. People who have nothing to do are usually the people who starts trouble.
Year 2007 was a good year for SLIIT , they won the NBQSA , APICTA and Techno2007. They came runners up in the imagine cup and SLIIT staff also excelled with SLIIT awarded with the best Cisco Academy in Asia or something like that. SLIIT started with a good note in 2008 as well winning the ISACA IT Security awards for the research category. And if rumours are true SLIIT have won this years NBQSA as well.

Monday, 15 September 2008

Another Great Toastmaster Session

This was my third Toast Master meeting and it was another great one. Attendance was low today which is a shame because the guest speaker Dr. Gouse gave a great speech. I always thought success was achieving your goals but guess I was wrong. Defining success is a bit tricky thing but according to Dr. Gouse Success is improving your personality continuously. So success is a journey not an destination. Also what Toast Master try to teach you is not to give public speeches but to be a better communicator. Importance of good communication is such and under estimated thing. I think I'm getting to like Toast Masters , sad thing is when practices start I'm more than likely to miss it :( .

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Dota is so addictive

After fixing my internet connection the first thing I did was join Garena to play Dota. My main aim for getting the connection was to spend more time updating my blog , although I do spend more time now it isn't nearly the enough time I was planning to spend. The main culprit is Garena , there is almost always a game for you to join and on Saturday there were games available at 1.30 in the morning. So now its time for another self imposed restriction, only 1 game per day in weekdays and 2 games per day in week ends :)

Monday, 8 September 2008

Cant access Internet after installing Kaspersky

After getting a original license for Kaspersky Internet Security 7 after doing a review about it I was aghast to find out that my brother has already installed a cracked version of Kaspersky Internet Security.The problem is after installing Kaspersky I'm just not able to access some sites of the internet. I can't access Google but I can access MSN :( . Even uninstalling Kaspersky doesn't seem to work. I was hoping to kick start my other blogs after getting the broadband connection but I guess that have to wait. I was told that Dialog customer service is pretty good , well now I have the chance to find out ;).