Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Tourism on the rise

With the end of the war there is a huge rise in tourists coming to Sri Lanka for vacations which is not surprising since Sri Lanka is such a beautiful country where they can spend a holiday for a relatively low cost. For such a small Island the diversity displayed is amazing. From a 3 hour drive you can go 35C Colombo to 18C Nuware Eliya. Then there are the beautiful beaches all around the country , archeological sites like Anuradhapura , World heritage sites like Sigiriya and Sinharaja rain forest. The number of things you can do here is simply amazing which is the main reason for the huge influx of tourists. The downside is not the somewhat good hotels are now almost off limits for the locals. This is especially hard when you are trying to organize office trips team trips etc. Good thing is relatively unknown but still quality places like Gods Paradise Nature resort are getting more local visitors, It just goes to show one mans gain is another mans loss.